About Bull Terriers

 Bull terriers are a very loving, brave, and fun active breed of dog. The Bull Terrier is one of the oldest breeds. They are known as the gladiator of the canine race, being tough, courageous, athletic and powerful, with an important sense of fair play – never initiating controversy, but not backing down once provoked. Bull terriers are known for their long egg-shaped faces that slope in the front into a Roman nose. Their eyes are also very unique: The bull terrier is the only registered breed to have triangle shaped eyes. Bull terriers are certainly an eye-catcher in the neighborhood, but your neighbors will not only be impressed with its looks but its obedience, as bull terriers have a reputation of being very obedient when trained properly. The average life span for a Bull Terrier is approximately 10 years, but when given plenty of attention and love, along with attentive care and a healthy diet, bull terriers can live a much fuller life up to 13 years of age. The Bull Terrier Dog Breed has a personality and temperament that is strong willed, playful and friendly. They are very good family pets, love to play with children and are not bothered by rough play. Bull Terriers form lasting loyal bonds with their master and will quickly become part of the family. Due to their strength and strong will, the Bull Terrier requires consistent training and early socialization. That is why Tri State Bull Terrier suggests never buying a Bull Terrier from a puppy mill, a pet store, or from an irresponsible breeder. These providers do not provide any health clearances or guarantees. Tri State Bull Terrier is a reputable breeder that’s first priority is a healthy Bull Terrier Puppy, by providing a healthy environment for all our dogs until he or she is ready to come to your forever home. We do not just sell you a puppy and move on, we are here for any of your questions or concerns at any given time. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time regarding the new addition to your family.  Tri State Bull Terriers gives the proper interaction and training to ensure that when you welcome one of our remarkable puppies into your home, you can raise them to love any breed of animal as much as they love us. We strive for complete happiness for both the new owners and the puppy lucky enough to be welcomed into their home. 

TSBT Bull Terrier Breeder


We are a small family hobbyist bull terrier breeder from the Cincinnati Ohio tri-state area. Don’t confuse my interest when I say hobbyist; We do everything possible to uphold the breed standard on a day to day basis. Several years back, I was fortunate enough to adopt my very first bull terrier through a great friend of mine. I have never looked back. Tri State Bull Terriers are very proud of the dedication that we have for raising our Bull Terrier Puppies. As your Bull terrier breeder, we strive for a great temperament when offering great our Bull Terrier Puppies. The bull terrier is the most unique breed of dog you could ever have as part of your family and its apparent from your visit to my site that you are on your way to becoming a bullie lover as well. We now have a couple litters a year to offer others the chance to experience a bullie’s love the same way we did. Here at Tri State Bull Terriers, we give the proper interaction and training to ensure that when you welcome one of our remarkable puppies into your home, you can raise them to love any breed of animal as much as they love us.

We are located centrally in the Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana area. Tri State Bull Terriers also expand our services to our bordering states; West Virginia, Tennessee, Illinois, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Interested in purchasing a bull terrier puppy??? Please visit our bull terriers for sale page to see if we have any available bull terriers for sale.

Our Bull Terrier Males


Tri State Bull Terriers are very proud of all our Bull Terriers. Our male studs are physically superb with great temperament, well health, and extreme loyalty. They have been socialized with adults, children, and other family dogs.

If interested in Tri State Bull Terriers’ Stud Service, please check out our “Stud Service” Page.

Our Bull Terrier Females

 Tri State Bull Terriers are very proud of all our Bull Terriers. Our females are beautiful, strong, and very healthy. They are all very well socialized with adults, children, and other family dogs. 

Bull Terrier puppies for Sale


Our puppies for sale here at Tri State Bull Terriers are perfect for the family who can give them the love, attention, and devotion they deserve.

Our sires and mothers come from prestigious bloodlines that include championship show quality dogs in all of the most desirable colors and patterns. With their characteristic snout, sculpted build, our pups epitomize this cherished breed, and will quickly become a beloved member of your family.

Please browse the puppies page and see why so many people enjoy the love and companionship of bull terriers.

If we do not have an appropriate puppy available for you, we will try to help with referrals.

Bull Terriers and Children

I'm often asked if Bull Terriers are good with children.  This is a great video I found that basically sizes my opinion up when that question surfaces. 

Informative Videos and LInks

Enjoy this short clip from Animal Planet about the English Bull Terrier.  Gives you just a small taste of what to expect with your new Bull Terrier Puppy.

Bull Terrier via Animal Planet

More info via Animal Planet. 

Bull Terrier via Animal Planet

Bull Terrier Dogs 101 Video



More informative information

Click the link below to learn more about the English Bull Terrier from the most recognizable Kennel Club in the world. AKC / American Kennel Club! 

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