Bull Terrier Puppy Teeth

So many Bull Terrier Puppy owners ask their Bull Terrier breeder this question, "Is human toothpaste okay to use on my dogs teeth" Well here is an informative article that fills you in!

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Puppies Teething!

Let's face it, we all go thru the so called terrible twos with our puppies. This article helps new puppy owners cope with teething. Click the link to read up on some tips to help deal with this. 

Puppy Teething/Chewing tips!

5 Basic Commands For Your Pup

Click here to go over 5 basic commands that every new puppy owner should teach their pup! 

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Puppy Nipping!

Here is a great video on how to break puppies from nipping at you. This is always a problem with new pups.  Sometimes they don't realize how sharp those teeth are. Click to see the video below! 

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